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    How to paint a room the easy way using a paint edger !

    OK now I”m going to teach you how to paint a room the easy way. A five minute crash course in painting.

    Step 1

    When learning how to paint first you want to prepare the walls and ceiling by filling cracks or nail holes with joint compound or Spackle. Let it dry, drying time should be on the can or the container. If you want to use something that drys really fast; I recommend  using  Plaster of Paris. Once it is dry sand it then dust it off with a rag or a broom.

    joint compound to fix the wallsspackle to fix wallsplaster of paris drys really fast

    Step 2

    If your toddlers like to do graffiti on the walls or if you have any water stains or dark marks on the walls; what you want to do next  is use a primer or stain killer on the dark spots. I personally use Kilz a stain killer excellent product you can get a it  at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Usually  by  rule of thumb you should apply three coats: one coat of primer and two coats of paint. You should always use a primer on any new drywall or  patched and unfinished  surfaces. By using primer  you create a seal that prevents the unfinished surfaces from sucking up all the paint and also helps you  achieve an even color through out  the wall saving you lots of time when painting or learning how to paint .

    killz to cover stains

    killz to cover stains

    Step 3

    Paint the ceiling first ! Use a flat ceiling paint as flat ceiling paints tend to dry evenly. Usually its said that you should paint ceilings with two coats of paint.One coat should be rolled on vertically and the second coat should be rolled horizontally  but as I said earlier most ceiling paints dry evenly so no matter how you paint it it usually looks good after its dry. Just make sure you cover the entire ceiling.when painting the ceiling use a paint brush to get int all the corners where the ceiling meets the walls don’t worry about getting pain on the walls as you will be painting them a different color. Then let it dry before you start painting the walls.

    Step 4

    Next you want to do what the pros call “cutting” to cut a room means to paint all the edges like where the walls meet the ceiling or  around door and window trim medicine cabinets etc. as seen in this image.

    how to cut when learning how to paint

    In order to cut with a brush you need a real steady hand and takes allot of skill that usually comes with years of experience. But thanks to modern technology there’s a  very inexpensive tool called an edger that you can buy for about 3 bucks at either Home Depot or Lowe’s as shown in these images.

    TIP: When learning how to paint with an edger there’s two things you want to avoid:

    1. Don’t put to much paint on it !

    2. Don’t ever get paint on the wheels !

    (NOTE) The edger works best on flat ceilings as textured ceilings can be bumpy and give you wavy lines.

    Step 5

    Use the edger to Paint into all the corners and to cut everything in the room such as the cabinets moldings base boards etc.

    Carefully dip the edger into the paint and be very careful not to get paint on the wheels or not to put to much paint on the edger.

    how to paint a room with an edger

    Place the edger on the wall right below the ceiling and let the wheels touch the ceiling.  As shown below, now slowly roll the edger and you should have a very straight line. using the edger when learning how to paint

    Make sure to have a brush in the other hand as you use the edger and use it to remove any drips and to feather out the lines so there’s no obvious lines.

    Just learning how to paint


    Step 6

    Once you finish doing all the cutting Pour some paint into the paint tray and roll  the walls but be careful not to touch the ceiling. In my opinion the best way to roll is to start on the left side of the wall and use full strokes meaning from the very top to the very bottom without stopping in between. Then start your next line overlapping at the halfway mark of your first line.Once you have covered the entire wall go back to the left side and without adding paint to  the roller and lightly with no pressure re roll the wall getting rid of any imperfections.

    Step 7

    Be sure to cover any open pint cans or buckets when you’re not using them so they don’t dry up and that’s all to it, now you know how to paint a room.

    Step 8

    Now fix yourself a drink and admire your masterpiece. Oh and don’t forget to get your checkbook out and send me a check  . Just Kidding I hope this was helpful and please if you need any help or have any questions or comments please leave them below.

    Here’s some more pictures for reference.

    learn how to paint with an edger

    learn how to paint with an edger


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