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    How to replace a front door lock

    How to replace a front door lock

    When replacing door lock, paying close attention to the removal of the existing lock can be very helpful when learning How to replace a front door lock. Try to remember how you take the lock apart to use as a reference when installing the new one.

    Step 1

    Find the two screws on the the door knob usually found on side of the door that’s inside of the room .There should be one screw on the left side of the door knob and one screw on the right side of the door knob.

    Step 2

    Loosen and remove both screws and and you will notice that the lock will separate into two sections.

    Step 3

    Now on the front edge of the door you should be left with a latch bolt assembly remove both screws and remove the latch bolt.

    Congratulations you just removed the old lock. That was easy right ?

    Now you should already have an idea of the process of replacing a door lock . Its basically the same steps you did to remove the lock backwards.

    Step 4

    First install the new latch bolt assembly into the hole in the front edge of the door make sure to pay attention to the direction that the latch faces. Now use the two small screws to secure it .

    Step 5

    Insert the door knob into the opening that faces the outside of the room this is the one that does not have screws. Be sure to properly line it up so that it fits into the latch bolt assembly.

    Step 6

    Now find the two longer screws an have them ready . Insert the other door knob into the opposite opening and through the latch bolt assembly be sure to properly line up the two sections as they pass through the latch bolt assembly. Its easier if you start one screw with just a few turns then you have room to see when your inserting the second screw. Now all you have to do is secure both screws and you successfully learned how to replace a front door lock.


    Step 7

    Sometimes if you over tighten the screws the latch bolt assembly gets a little stuck if this happens just loosen the screws just a bit and test it out until you have a smooth operation and until the knob turns freely.

    Step 8

    Check to see if the door closes properly and that the latch lines up correctly with the strike plate. In most case it will line up fine but if not just replace the strike plate with the one that came with the new lock . Congratulations you just learned how to replace a front door lock !


    Please feel free to to leave your questions or comments on replacing door lock below.

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