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    This video and the instructions below will teach you how to replace  a GFCI outlet also known as a GFI or a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter.

    How to Replace a GFCI Outlet

    How to Install a GFCI Outlet

    Instructions for replacing GFCI outlets

    1. The first thing that you must do is make sure you TURN OFF THE POWER to the outlet that you are replacing.

    2. To determine which circuit breaker you are working with plug a radio into the existing outlet and pump up the volume so you can hear the music from the circuit breaker panel. Then turn off each circuit breaker untill you hear the music go off. Once you hear the music go off you have located the right breaker. As a precaution we recommend that you put some tape over the breaker close the panel and post a sign that says do not touch on the front of the panel.

    (voltage tester)

    3. DO NOT work on the old outlet until you have tested it with a voltage tester to make sure the power is truly off.You can buy a voltage tester for about $15. bucks at your local hardware store and there really easy to use.

    4. Ok now your ready to remove the outlet cover plate.there should be a screw in the middle that holds the plate in place go ahead and remove it.

    5. Now there are two more screws that hold the old outlet in the receptacle box. Go ahead and remove them.

    6. Now you can pull the old outlet out of the box while straightening the wires connected to it at the same time.

    7. Now on a peace of paper jot down the color and the location of the wire. This will make it easier when you install the new GFI GFCI

    8. Now you can unscrew the terminal screws and remove the wires.

    Installing the new GFI GFCI outlet
    1. Now Separate the wires in the outlet receptacle box and make sure that they do not touch each other. Turn on the circuit breaker at the electrical panel. Using your voltage tester, test the exposed wires to determine which ones are live. Mark them with a piece of tape and turn the power back off.

    2. Now you can connect the wires from the electrical panel to the terminal on the GFI GFCI outlet that is marked “Line”. Then connect the other wires to the terminal marked “Load”.

    3. Wrap the terminals with electrical tape to insulate.

    4. Be sure to connect the ground wire to the terminal marked green.

    5. Put the GFI GFCI outlet into the receptacle box and put back the two screws that secure the outlet to the box.

    6. Install the outlet cover plate.

    7. Then turn on the power at the breaker panel.

    8. Now push the “TEST” button and you should hear a click. Plug a radio into the outlet to test the GFI GFCI. It should not work.

    9. When you Press the RESET button on the GFI GFCI you restore power to the outlet the radio should play.

    And that’s how you do the wiring of a GFI GFCI Outlet !

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