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    How to unclog a sink



    Lets say your bathroom sink gets clogged and the water wont go down the drain what’s the first thing that comes to your mind ? I dont know anything about unclogging a sink “I have to Call a plumber to unclog a sink” bad choice. Do you know that a licenced plumber can charge you up to $200 dollars to unclog a sink? or did you know that most of the time you can do it yourself for under $5.bucks.Yes! unclog your own sink for under five bucks !I’m going to teach you how to unclog a sink and its so simple.

    Well in my case I have a beautiful wife and a daughter who both have long hair. They are regularly brushing there hair over the bathroom sinks and this is what causes the sinks to get clogged.

    I came across a device that makes it so easy to unclog a sink. I found it in Home Depot its called Zip – It Bath and Sink Hair Snare I posted a picture of it below. Last time I checked it cost $2.48 /EA-Each . Its very simple to use all you do is stick it down the clogged drain as far as you can go and fiddle around with it in an up and down motion and the you pull it out and you’ll see all the hair and junk that comes out with it .You do this repetitively until you no longer see any hair or junk coming out and then you run the water and Congratulations you just learned how to unclog a sink. Now you can go treat your family to some ice cream with the money you saved unclogging a sink because you learned how to do it yourself . Hope this was helpful .

    Now you can teach all your friends and family how to unclog a sink.
    unclogging a sink

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